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About Mothership

I’m Cheri Ziemba and I am simply a go-between for people and their plants. All of my botanical medicine is organically grown, whether by me, a local farmer, a trusted source or else foraged ethically in the wilds of Northern California. Each formula is crafted by hand with loving intention and the skill afforded me by The California School of Herbal Studies. Herbalism in one form or another is the primary health care system throughout the majority of the planet. And it has been for thousands of years. The aim of Mothership is to bridge that gap that falls so wide here in the western world, along with the rest of the people, businesses and organizations who long to keep the plant-person relationship in tact. Plants have long held the wisdom to help us heal ourselves and this innate intelligence has the capacity to communicate with the innate intelligence our bodies hold within.

What you see here in the product shots on this site are formulas created that may benefit anyone, regardless of their own personal “constitutions”. They may help alleviate symptoms and even get to the root cause of some general health complaints, such as stress, headaches and sleeplessness. One thing I want you to know is, we are all different. Each of us are individuals. Our bodies may run hot or cold, stagnant or dry. Our lifestyles are different; some of us are busy entrepreneurs and mothers. Others engage in extremely physically activities, some sit in front of a computer screen for hours, and some really relish in the meditation over a nourishing cup of tea. Some people have other physical or emotional challenges than others. All of these considerations make it important for you to have personalized medicine, that addresses your particular bodies and minds. That is what I want to make for you. I may create a tincture, balm, oil, powder, capsule, tea, prepared food or none of these if they aren’t called for! But all of your medicine will be accompanied by lifestyle and dietary recommendations, as well as matters of the heart. Mothership believes in the right to heal yourself through the power of the plants, and the power of the people who love, respect and trust those plants. If you are interested in a custom formula to support you in a specific health concern, please email me so that we may set up a consultation. I am available through this platform, via skype, facetime, or in person.

Disclaimer: We do not intend to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness or disease.